Charity of the Month

Definition: ‘Giving voluntarily to those in need.’


Each month, an employee is given the opportunity to select a charity of their choice, to which Cameron Baum Hollander donate £100 in their name.

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We see charitable giving as a fundamental part of our firm’s ethos and in addition to the firm’s own charitable donations, each month a different member of staff selects a charity of their choice to receive £100 from Cameron Baum Hollander, given in their name.

We have been making these donations since March 2015 and charities have benefited to the tune of many £’000s.

Supporting charities is something that we believe every business should consider, whether it’s a financial donation, giving a loan of facilities or equipment, or donating staff expertise.

Helping and supporting charities and local projects is a great way to not only boost staff morale but to reach out to those in need. Giving to charity is a great thing to do and far simpler than a lot of people think, and of course, there are tax benefits for businesses that do this.