Daniel Baum is one of the founders of Cameron Baum Hollander - a chartered accounting firm based in London.

I set up the firm in 1994 on my own, in the days when there was no email and everything went by post and no texting/Skype/Whatsapp and you still spoke to and met with clients.

We have made sure to remain at the forefront of technology, but the favourite part of my role is still to meet with clients, understand the issues they face and help resolve or alleviate those concerns.

I love people and after thirty years as a Chartered Accountant, I have a wealth of experience to draw on to be able to help them.

daniel@cbh.co.uk 020 7724 8824

Favourite colour: Plum Red

Favourite sport: Rugby Union

Name the piece of music that means something to you: Winelight by Grover Washington

Best musical group: Eagles

Favourite Singer: Karen Carpenter

Most famous person ever met: Natan Sharansky

Person you would most like to meet: From the past: King David / Present day: nobody really

Best resturant ever visited: Gabrielle's in Jerusalem

Favourite food Fried chicken liver and onions

Lifetime ambition: To own top quality pieces of art